Effjay Projekts (now Frank Juarez Gallery) remains an exciting new development in the Sheboygan art scene, and one well worth a visit. Women remain vastly underrepresented in the art world and Juarez’s commitment to highlighting the work of female photographers through Schafer and Zuback is commendable. – Karin Wolf, Art City Arts Writer.
“What She Said” is curated by Milwaukee photographers Jessica Z Schafer and William Zuback. It opens Thursday at EFFJAY PROJEKTS, an increasingly important regional venue founded by former Milwaukee artist Frank Juarez. – Mary Louise Schumacher, Milwaukee Art Critic.

2016 Exhibitions

October 4 – November 12 | Current Contours featuring new works by gallery artists, Tony Conrad, Dale Knaak, Rob Neilson, Melissa Dorn Richards, Stefani Quam, Sara Willadsen, and William Zuback at Arts Mills in Grafton, Wisconsin. Since the closing of the Frank Juarez Gallery in December 2015, this exhibition brings them back together and celebrates the works of these talented artists. Works on exhibit will range from sculpture to photography, drawings to installation, and projection to mixed media.


July 1 – August 31 | Then/Now: A survey exhibition of INDIANA GREEN artists (2010-2014) featuring new works by Pamela Anderson, Andrea Avery, Tony Conrad, Kay Jelinek, Leah Schreiber Johnson, Tonia Klein, John Kowalczyk, Melissa Dorn Richards, Rafael Francisco Salas, Dean Valadez, Christopher Willey, and William Zuback.

2015 Exhibitions

December 5 – 26 | 12 | 12 | 12 Group Show featuring new paintings by Renee Bebeau (Milwaukee), Marty Carney (Sheboygan), Katie Dynes Klemp (Las Vegas), Daniel Fleming (Milwaukee), Paula Swaydan Grebel (Plymouth), Stuart Howland (Sheboygan), Frank Juarez (Sheboygan), Dale Knaak (Sheboygan), Todd Mrozinski(Milwaukee), Jason Prigge (Manitowoc), Sara Risley (Milwaukee), and Dave Watkins(Milwaukee).

October 24 – November 28 | “20 & Counting” featuring new paintings by Erica Huntzinger (WI) and Laurie Maves (CO)

September 12 – October 17 | Erika Block & Sara Risley Two-Person Show

August 1 – September 15 | Gallery Artists Group Show featuring new works by Brandon Bauer, Tony Conrad, Dale Knaak, Melissa Dorn Richards, and William Zuback.

June 20 – July 25 | INDIANA GREEN 2015

May 9 – June 13 | New Works by Liz Lange and Sara Willadsen

March 28 – May 2 | This Unknown featuring new works by Zina Mussman and Rachel Quirk

February 14 – March 21 | Wisconsin Visual Artists Juried Abstract Show

January 3 – February 7 | The Art of Collage 

2014 Exhibitions

October 25 – November 29 | Portrait to ScaleMale Survivors of Trauma featuring photographs by Adam Horwitz.

September 13 – October 18 | Doodles featuring new drawings and paintings by Tony Conrad.

August 2 – September 6 | Unfamiliar featuring photographs by Juan Juarez.

June 21 – July 26 | I Listen To Color featuring 2-D and 3-D works by Michael Davidson (WI), Roberto Otto Epstein (NJ), Lauri Hopkins (UK), Anna Kunz (IL), Rob de Oude (NY) and Julie Torres (NY).

May 10 – June 14 | Time Share: Racine Arts Council featuring works by Jerry Belland, Joe Church, Doug Devinny,Maureen Fritchen, Samira Gdisis, Alexander Mandli, Dan Nielsen, Suellyn Scoon, and Maggie Venn

March 29 – May 3 | Abandoned Structures featuring paintings by Dale Knaak.

February 15 – March 22 | Variables featuring monotypes by LJ Douglas and sculptures by Gary Justis.

January 4 – February 9 | Theory of Forms featuring works by Stefani Quam.  

2013 Exhibitions

January 3 – February 9 | Vast Colors featuring contemporary landscapes by Beki Borman and Views and Visions: Alternate Realities featuring iPhoneography by Dale Van Minsel.

February 14 – March 23 | In the Margins featuring  a collection of works exploring the liminality of mainstream cultural definition by Lisa Ulik and Layers featuring paintings and mixed media works by Michele Gutierrez.

March 28- May 4 | So how’s the, uh…view from over there? featuring photographs and text-based works by Annushka Peck and Across the Divide featuring abstract paintings by Brad Fleming.

May 9 – June 15 | “Progeny” featuring video, installation and sonoglyphs by Melissa Musante and “Impressions on the Southwest…and Beyond” featuring watercolors by Evie Grasse.

June 20 – July 27 | TICA (Teacher Institute in Contemporary Art) @ SAIC) GROUP SHOW; Co-curated by Erica Becker and Kate Schaffer.

August 1 – September 7INDIANA GREEN 2013 featured works by Pamela Anderson (Wauwatosa), Andrea Avery (Sheboygan), Tony Conrad (Appleton), Rose DiSalvo (Chicago), L J Douglas (Bloomington), Daniel Fleming (Milwaukee), Jon Horvath (Waukesha), Kay Jelinek (Sheboygan), John Kowalcyzk (Milwaukee), Sara Risley (Wauwatosa), Darrell Roberts (Chicago), Rafael Francisco Salas (Ripon), Dean Valadez (Milwaukee) and William Zuback (West Allis). Co-curated by Melissa Dorn Richards + Frank Juarez.

September 12 – October 19 | “Moving Mountains” featuring new paintings and drawings by gallery artist, Melissa Dorn Richards and “Textured Geographies” featuring mixed media works by Angela Zimmerman.

October 24 – November 16 | “Identity” featuring new photographs by William Zuback and “Visual Arrangements” featuring new paintings by Paula Swaydan Grebel.

November 23 – December 21 | “A Call to Halt” featuring installation by Brandon Bauer and “Something Old, Something New” featuring prints by Larry Basky.

2012 Exhibitions

January 5 – February 4 | I AM A PAINTER featuring works by Erica Becker, Scott Brooks, Crystal Cudworth, Kristin Haas, John Kowalczyk, and Garric Simonsen.

February 9 – March 10 | Fond du Lac Visual Artists Membership Exhibition and New Paintings by Rudolph Hajenga.

March 15 – April 14, 2012 | Obscura featuring paintings by Rafael Francisco Salas, installations by Dean Valadez and paintings by Maura Vazquez and A Triptych Point of View featuring paintings by Jason Lantagne.

May 24 – June 16 | What She Said: Wisconsin Photography Now featuring photographs by Jessica Kaminski, Jessie Eisner-Kleyle, Jenaille Northey and Nicole Peaslee. A curatorial project by Jessica Z Schafer and William Zuback. Through the Viewfinder: Merging Old and New featuring new photographs by Richard Biemann.

June 21 – July 21 | “Beasts of Burden” featuring drawing, prints, digital paintings, video and installations by Christopher Willey and New Directions featuring new works by Kay Jelinek.

July 26 – August 25 | Deliverance from the Corpse featuring new paintings, drawings and sculpture by Mary Overman and Nature’s Graffiti featuring new photographs by Tom Dent.

August 30 – September 29 | Chicago Connect featuring works by Chicago artists, Peter Hoffman, Duk Ju L. Kim and Rose DiSalvo and New Works by Pat & Karen Robison.

October 4 – October 26 | Wisconsin Art Education Association Membership Exhibit.

November 8 – December 1 |  [Un]finished featuring works by Adam Horwitz & Becky Tesch, Anja Notanja Sieger & Jessica Z Schafer, Beki Borman  & Sara Risley, Michael Kautzer & Maggie Sasso, Dean Valadez & Laura Gorzek, Jessica Poor & Mary Overman, Judy Dubrosky & Maureen Kane, Leah Schreiber & Serena Weits, Melissa Dorn Richards & Tiffany Knopow. A curatorial project by Becky Tesch. New Works by Timon Tupper.

December 6 – December 31 | Juarez Collection: Works on Paper and Ignias featuring new works by Zachary Worth.

2011 Exhibitions

February 3 – February 28 | “Inaugural Group Exhibition” featuring works by Tony Conrad, Kristin Haas, Stuart Howland, Darryl R. Jensen, Philip Krejcarek, Lynn Tomaszewski and Lisa Ulik.

March 5 – March 31 | Crude Puzzle & READ/READ featuring installations by Darryl R. Jensen.

April 7 – April 29 | Sheboygan Visual Artists Membership Exhibition.

May 5 – May 31 | Paint, Draw, Carve featuring paintings and drawings by Melissa Dorn Richards and sculpture by Brian Sommersberger.

June 9 – June 30 | Laws of Nature” featuring works by Zoe Darling, L J Douglas, Lauren Levato, Leah Schreiber and Lynn Tomaszewski. A curatorial project by Leah Schreiber. “Rumors and Realms” featuring works by Stuart Howland.

July 7 – July31 | Ritual/Active featuring works by Tiffany Knopow, Madeline McGrath and Jon Horvath.

August 4 – August 31| New Paintings by Dale Knaak.

September 8 – September 30 | Tribute featuring works by Amy Cropper, Peggy Thurston Farrell and Philip Krejcarek.

October 6 – October 31 | J’aime la bête (I love the beast) featuring paintings by Tony Conrad.

November 3 – November 30 | Shared Space featuring works by Ashley Morgan and Jessica Steeber.

December 8 – December 31 | Juarez Collection: Selected Works & SVA Collects. A curatorial project by Stuart Howland.

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