tony conrad-4-editBWTony Conrad’s paintings explore visual components of social stereotypes and oddities from popular culture. In his most current work, Conrad confronts the small town ideologies he remembers from growing up in rural Wisconsin with humorous and ironic depictions of trophy hunting. The hybrid paintings exhibit cross-cultural references with use of vibrant colors and patterns influenced by Persian textiles, wallpaper, doilies, camouflage, and 1960s psychedelic rock posters. The pulsing embellishment present throughout the work speaks not only to the mania surrounding many hunting circles, but also to the decadent nature of American culture. Metaphorically, the paintings represent the complexity of idealized beauty, cultural identity and the euphoric rush of the outdoorsman experience. This work synthesizes these symbolic elements, resulting in a hybridized reality where delicate domesticity and wild outdoor ruggedness all coexist.

Conrad is currently a Lecturer of Art at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he now lives.  He received his MFA degree in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2009.  Conrad’s work has been nationally exhibited in various solo, group, and invitational exhibitions and has won a number of awards including the Lawrence Rathsack Scholarship and the Frederick R. Layton Fellowship.  In 2012, Conrad’s work will be exhibited in a number of national and international venues including: The Museum of Wisconsin Art (West Bend, WI), Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Guangzhou, China), and the Wriston Art Center Galleries (Lawrence University, Appleton, WI).

Visit Tony’s website to view more work. Click here. 

Contact the gallery for availability at frankjuarez(at) 



Source: Fox Cities Magazine.

Source: Fox Cities Magazine.


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