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Gallery artists, Tony Conrad and Rob Neilson talk about Public Art in Appleton on WHBY.com

Gallery artists, Tony Conrad and Rob Neilson talk about Public Art in Appleton on WHBY.com. Click here to listen to some of the projects that they have in the Fox Valley as well as the importance of community involvement. 


Gallery artist, Tony Conrad featured in September’s Issue of Fox Cities Magazine

Congratulations to gallery artist, Tony Conrad. His work is currently featured in the September issue of Fox Cities Magazine (page 10) and of the front cover. 

This magazine is available at most coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and businesses throughout the Fox Valley. 


Conrad’s paintings explore visual components of social stereotypes and oddities from popular culture. In his most current work, Conrad confronts the small town ideologies he remembers from growing up in rural Wisconsin with humorous and ironic depictions of trophy hunting. The hybrid paintings exhibit cross-cultural references with use of vibrant colors and patterns influenced by Persian textiles, wallpaper, doilies, camouflage, and 1960s psychedelic rock posters. The pulsing embellishment present throughout the work speaks not only to the mania surrounding many hunting circles, but also to the decadent nature of American culture. Metaphorically, the paintings represent the complexity of idealized beauty, cultural identity and the euphoric rush of the outdoorsman experience. This work synthesizes these symbolic elements, resulting in a hybridized reality where delicate domesticity and wild outdoor ruggedness all coexist.

Visit his website to view more work at www.tonyconradart.com

A PDF is available online. [link]

The Mastermind Behind Downtown Appleton’s Mandalas Project: Tony Conrad

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Congratulations to gallery artist, Tony Conrad for designing a unique and exciting project in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

Click here to read the article. 

All photographs were taken by Kim Thiel Photography


Gallery artist, Tony Conrad, exhibits at Project Space 314

Tony Conrad is currently exhibiting his paintings and drawings at Project Space 314 in downtown Ripon. This solo show ends March 24, 2016. Project Space 314 is located at 314 Watson Street. 

Here are some photos from his reception.