“Frank’s gallery has been a tremendous, if yet to be better known, asset to the Milwaukee area art scene, a scene that has needed an injection of wall-pushing possibilities, of risk, of adventure. Some venues have provided Milwaukee with such exploration, yet the Frank Juarez Gallery and vision have speedily fostered the movement, while maintaining an identity in the constitution of local kinship. Many of the other Milwaukee venues that push walls do so with an air of disregard for Milwaukeen art. Frank marries both non-Wisconsinite and Wisconsinite perspectives to serve a missing component in our local scene, simultaneously satisfying a wide range of possible tastes; the work at Frank Juarez Gallery ranges from installation practices, to political sentiments, to landscapes and photographic portraiture”.

“If polish is what one desires, it is not always found at Frank’s gallery – while some exhibitions and artwork are more accessible, the overall rawness of much of the artworks is refreshing in contrast to the dominant handful of commercial galleries in Milwaukee. I have been the beneficiary of Frank’s openness to accept non-commercial projects: Frank has allowed me to create works in situ, expending his trust in my ability to compose and create new transformations that he had not seen. This openness has allowed my own installations to maintain their freshness and selfhood”.

“Frank’s overall vision is ambitious and to be lauded. It demands more space in the Cue section than what is typically given ink for the latter is often times for mass consumption, and, unfortunately, not often times for critical thinking or critical art dialogue. Frank seems to move into the critical dialogue arena with a focus not just on exhibitions, but also on striking conversation with the artistic community through critique sessions, a very much needed communal component”. – Dean Valadez, artist & art professor


“Frank is dedicated to uplifting the wisconsin art community. He is a collector, critic and teacher.  Art Collectors certainly benefit from his knowledge and advice”. – Jack Connelly, art collector


“My first encounter with the Frank Juarez Gallery was in December of 2012.  Because I had only recently begun painting and was seeking advice for developing my craft, it was suggested I contact Frank to see if what I was doing was worth pursuing.  His support and guidance from our first online communication was invaluable.  He reviewed photos of my art and offered several simple, yet important suggestions that proved to be the impetus I needed to pass through the gateway of a whole new career. At his suggestion, I created a website to showcase and write about my best work.  I joined several arts organizations that could offer me portfolio reviews, critique sessions, and opportunities to exhibit my work.  I began to attend workshops that might help me to expand my knowledge base”. – Erico Ortiz, artist


“Frank and his gallery are among the best I have worked with. He understands artists, their schedules and their vision. And he respects them deeply”.   – Rafael Salas, artist & art professor


“What a gem of a gallery- FJG is an intimate space where one can really experience some of the region’s finest artists in a comfortable gallery setting, and meet up with art-minded people.  I am constantly surprised and delighted to find something unexpected and captivating to the senses”. – Jeanette Gabrys, Arts Education and Exhibits Manager, Cedarburg Cultural Center


“What I like about Frank Juarez is his intelligence and kindness. His ability to find good people doing good art and bring them together.  His desire to share the experience of art and to try to communicate that to others”.

“What I like about Frank Juarez’s gallery? Is the high level of the work he shows. The friendly crowd that hangs out there. In general a welcoming and positive experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if Frank Juarez became a powerful gallerist in some big city. Is New York ready?” – LJ Douglas, artist & art professor


“Our experience visiting the Frank Juarez Gallery was very enjoyable, as was buying one of Melissa Dorn Richards’s beautiful paintings!”  – Mark Sidel, Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs


“In 2014 Frank Juarez Gallery will be moving to bigger and better premises in downtown Sheboygan. This is the result of three years of determination, hard work and a belief that there are enough artists in Sheboygan and beyond to support a small gallery in the city and add to the cultural quality of life there. He routinely hosts quality shows that tap into the pulse of the contemporary art scene and his gallery provides the foundation upon which artists thrive and prosper; it’s grassroots arts at its best”. – Graeme Reid, Museum of Wisconsin Art, Director of Collections and Exhibitions


“Although not a resident of Sheboygan, WI, I frequent the area several times a year, and one of my favorite “must see” destinations is the Frank Juarez Gallery.  I am always impressed how this small town gallery emulates the grandeur of a big city exhibit.  The allure and quality of the chosen artists undoubtedly surpasses the expectations of this small community and the greater Sheboygan area.  Frank Juarez and his gallery have had an insurmountable impact on the Sheboygan art scene.  His energy, enthusiasm and eye forspectacular talent is contagious and inspiring.  The Frank Juarez Gallery has earned the highest of respect from the community and fellow artists.  A definite “must see’ while visiting Sheboygan”. – Cindy Hoeper, art patron & collector


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